Online betting in India

Do you bet on the outcome of sports events or other situations in life like weather or political scenario? Are you really good at making predictions and mostly emerge as a bet winner? If so, then you shouldn’t restrict your betting skills to your family and friends. There’s a huge betting playground waiting for you where you can actually earn a fortune by unleashing your skills. Yes, the betting industry is waiting for a punter like you. So, create your account in any betting platform and start your bet-winning streak!

Wondering how and where you can start betting and which are the sports that you can bet on? Well, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll walk you through the various options of betting and guide you to kick start this amazing journey. So, settle down and read!

Gambling is not a new concept for India. In fact, betting is ingrained in the Indians and it is prevalent in the country since time immemorial. The Indian epic Mahabharat shows early traces of betting whereby the Pandavas lost their empire in gambling. Since then, gambling activities never ceased in the nation. Though offline betting is prohibited and considered as illegal in India, there are no laws that ascertain online casino as illegal. Hence, online casinos and betting platforms offer their services in India to keep the punters engaged.

Many punters have their account created in online gambling platforms. They make fortune by placing their bets and by playing casino games. Hence, India has emerged as a significant contributor to the betting industry of the world. This young gambling industry rakes in $30 billion yearly. You can also be a part of this burgeoning industry and change your life.     

Best online betting sites in India


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Dafabet is a highly respected Asian gambling company with very friendly customer support that even speaks Hindi.


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LeoVegas is a top-notch bookmaker and casino. They are truly the king of mobile!


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10CRIC is a popular sports betting site that offers highly competitive betting markets. It is one of the few online sportsbooks that focus on cricket. It is relatively new in the market but has won the hearts of thousands of Indian punters.


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22BET is a robust online sports betting platform and a reliable bookmaker that provides its customers with impressive gaming experience. Gambling lovers and enthusiastic sports punters can find a wide range of betting opportunities on 22BET.


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BetGold is an innovative and robust sports betting and online casino portal designed for modern gambling lovers. It has recently extended its markets to the Indians to offer an advanced and immersive gaming and betting experience.


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1xbet is a highly respected bookmaker with excellent bonuses and customer support.

Most popular sports to bet on

If you have made your mind to try your luck in online betting, then you can start with sports betting. Many sporting events takes place around the year. So, you can enjoy watching your favorite sports event along with placing a bet on them. Who knows you might win huge rewards!

So, which are the sports that you can bet on? Well, you can place a bet on any sporting event from cricket to football. Let’s have a look at some of the major sports that attract punters from India:


In India, the game of cricket is much more than a sport. It is a religion. There is a huge craze for cricket in India, which you can find in every street and grounds of India. The popularity of cricket in India can be understood from the fact that more than 400 million Indians record viewership for a match of cricket.

Cricket is even popular among the punters. In fact, cricket is the top game for betting in India. A large number of bets are placed in a cricket match, especially in IPL matches and high-level encounters. Out of the total bets placed in cricket, 95% are made during the match. This clearly depicts the popularity of live cricket betting in India.

The cricket punters wager in cricket matches and tournaments all year round. However, there are some tournaments where the stakes are the highest. These include ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, Ashes series and IPL.

In India, IPL grabs the maximum interest of the punters. The league is premium in every sense as it involves local players, local heroes and foreign superstars. Hence, millions are wagered by both local and overseas punters in each match.


In addition to cricket, there are many other sports to bet on. One of the available options is Football. It is the most popular game in the world. In fact, this sport is attracting locals. Even punters are taking interest in the game of football.

Throughout the year, there are many football tournaments and league matches that gain traction. The punters wager on indigenous football leagues like Indian Super League and foreign tournaments like English Premier League, La Liga and Champions. The FIFA World and Euro Cup are the football tournaments where the highest stakes are placed.

If you follow football regularly, then you can try gambling in this sport. You can participate in live betting and earn huge rewards.


Kabaddi is a local sport that is played in the country for ages. Even today, the game is played in many Indian villages and towns. However, the game never gained limelight as it was considered as an old-school game. However, the sport recently went a major makeover with the introduction of Pro Kabaddi League.

Ever since Pro Kabaddi League started a few years back, Kabaddi has attracted the interests of massive population. The Pro Kabaddi League is not just an ordinary league involving local players. On the contrary, it involves a blend of local players and overseas stars. It is a glamorous form of Kabaddi that witness huge footfall and viewership. Ever punters gamble in kabaddi matches. So, you can also try your luck by gambling on the sport.

Horse Racing

Who doesn’t know about Horse Racing? It is the only sport in which even offline betting is legal in India. If you are also fascinated by the sport and possess some knowledge, then you can wager in it online.

You can bet on your favorite pony and watch the sport conveniently from the comfort of your residence. There are many local and overseas horse racing events where you can try your luck. You can find many platforms that offer odds in live streaming and daily races.

Online Casinos in India

Are you more interested in the card game, slot games, and other casino games? If so, then you can exercise your gambling skills in virtual casinos. There are several platforms that serve as online casinos. So, you can create an account in any of them and try your hands in gambling.

At online casinos, you can find different types of games. These include:

  • Slot games: The include virtual slot games including progressives and 3D
  • Video Poker: All the poker games that you find in slot machines are available in online casinos
  • Table games: From card games, baccarat to blackjack, you can find many table games in online casinos. You can also play dice games like roulette.
  • Specialty game: In online casinos, you can even play games like bingo, spin machine, and lottery.    

If you intend to pass your time enjoying these games along with earning hard cash, then you can create an account in any online casino.


Our handpicked online betting sites


150% up to ₹10,000

Dafabet is a highly respected Asian gambling company with very friendly customer support that even speaks Hindi.


100% up to ₹10,000

LeoVegas is a top-notch bookmaker and casino. They are truly the king of mobile!

Our favorite online betting sites

Online Betting: FAQs

Is sports betting legal?

Except for gambling on Horse Racing, betting on other games is illegal in India. India is subjected to 1867’s Public Gambling Act and 2000’s Technology Act that ban sports betting in India. However, online betting in sports is not declared as legal. There are no laws to govern online gambling in India.

Are betters entitled to taxes on their winnings?

Yes, you’ll have to pay taxes on your winnings via online betting. According to Income Tax Act’s Section 115BB, punters have to pay 30 percent of their winnings as tax. In addition to that, punters also have to pay education and higher education tax, which makes overall taxes as 30.9 percent of earnings.

Do I need to download an app for betting via mobile phone?

Not exactly. You can visit the official website of many bookmakers to start betting. However, the bookmakers might force you to download the mobile app. If you are using a smartphone for betting, it is better to install the dedicated app for better user experience and to enjoy other perks.

What are the challenges with online casinos?

You might face challenges in finding the right online casino in India. Firstly, there are chances of online scams as not all platforms are trustworthy and secure. Furthermore, online casinos should also offer a user-friendly gaming environment. Taking all points into consideration, you should choose the best online casinos in India.      

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