Big lottery winners and their story

You must have heard stories of people going from rags to riches. Some people achieve this feat through their hard work while some are able to achieve it purely through luck. Yes, surely hard work is the key to excel in life. Having said that, sometimes even luck plays a pivotal role in earning a fortune. There are lotteries that allow people to turn into millionaires in no time.

What would you expect from a lottery winner? To spend their winnings in leading a lavish life. But, there are many interesting stories of lottery winners who used their winnings to serve mankind or to change the people around them. You will be amazed to hear the stories about these people who changed their lives and others’ life after the windfall. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Big lottery winners

1) A cowboy chose to serve humanity through his winnings

The story goes back to 2009, where a 23-year-old boy named Neal struggled to make money for himself and his family. He was lagging behind on his property’s tax payments. Hence, he sold scrap metals to make some extra cash. One fine day he decided to try his luck in the lottery. Therefore, he bought lottery tickets worth $5. And that was a turning point in his life. When the lottery result was declared, he found out that he had won the lottery worth 100 million dollars. Post taxes and other deductions, he received a sum of 88.5 million dollars in his hand.

Everyone would expect him to lead a lavish lifestyle thereafter. However, the opposite happened. As he had experienced poverty very closely, he decided to donate all his winnings to the charity and to look after people’s welfare. He continued to ranch and even worked for the welfare of the under-privileged. The mayor of the town was so impressed and proud of his deeds that he gave an award to Neal for his community service.

2) Mother of five won a grand lottery prize that changed her life

Cynthia Stafford was the mother of five children. She lived with her brother and took care of her children herself. Due to an unexpected turn of events, her brother died. After that, she shared the same roof with her father, along with the five children. In January of 2007, she was in dire need of money.

Strangely, she started getting dreams of winning a lottery worth 112 million dollars. Hence, she decided to buy lottery tickets and she did so on a regular basis. And, you’ll be amazed to know that after three years, she won a lottery worth the same amount that she had dreamt of. Strange, isn’t it? Well, that’s how luck works!

Now she lives happily with her children. She is self-sufficient to take care of her family’s finances. She even started a film company as it was her dream from a very early age. The film studio has produced multiple short films and has got recognition from various big production houses. Even today, she dreams of winning various other lotteries and she envisions her name in the list of rare multiple jackpot winners.

3) Family used the jackpot prize to serve the city

The Smith Family consisting of a mother and seven children, believed in giving back to the community from the very beginning. So, the children started volunteering in multiple soup kitchens and helped in many community gardens.


Luckily in the year 2010, the Smith family won a jackpot worth 429 million dollars. After this win, you would expect a lottery winner to start living a lavish lifestyle. But, this was not the case with the Smiths. They wanted to use their entire winnings to help those who were living in low conditions in the city. Therefore, they started a foundation named after their family name. Through this foundation, they mentored women and funded multiple projects in order to promote women’s equality. The other priorities of the foundation include child education and the development of their neighborhood.

4) Aged couple used jackpot amount to spread awareness against a deadly disease

The story goes back to the year 2008 when Paul and his wife Sue won a 181 million dollar jackpot prize. They knew exactly what to do with the amount won. They utilized the entire amount in spreading awareness against a deadly disease called Krabbe Disease. This was the same disease that had taken away their granddaughter from them. Hence, from that day onwards they had decided that they’d not let this happen to anyone else.

Krabbe Disease is found in one out of 200 thousand newborn infants. This disease affects the lining of the nervous system, which usually leads to the toddler’s death. The aged couple opened a foundation to spread awareness against the same. And they even helped families suffering from this disease. They wanted to save other families from experiencing this tragedy.

5) A man donated the lottery amount for R&D of cancer

Similar to the previous story, Tom Crist also donated his lottery winnings for the research and development of cancer. Tom lost his 44-year-old wife to a deadly disease and he didn’t want anyone else to experience the same pain. This Canadian won a total of 40 million dollars two years after his wife’s death. As the lottery winner was unable to bear his lost wife’s pain, he donated the full money hoping that it could be used to find the treatment of the disease. Let’s hope that his donation is appropriately used in the research for a cure to cancer.

6) Jackpot money used by the school teacher to bring happiness to children

What is the role of a teacher in everyone’s life? Well, it’s that of a mentor. It is a teacher’s duty to make students enjoy their experience of learning and going to school. There are many teachers that have served as an epitome for the whole community. One such person is Les Robins. He is a high school teacher who believed that the teacher’s inability makes the children indulge in activities like their increased inclination to digital life. But this is preventing the children from enjoying the joy of childhood. Hence, he wanted to spread happiness in the children through camping, swimming, and even exploring outdoor adventures.

When he appeared as a lottery winner and took home a 111 million dollar through power ball, he invested the money to create a camp of his own. The base is spread across 226 acres and has been in operation for more than a decade. It has become the go-to place for all children staying nearby and even from far across the state. Multiple facilities such as horseback riding, swimming, camping are also present over here. His motto is to make children grow without getting addicted to digital life. And, he has been quite successful in doing that.

7) Used the amount to honor parents with a Splash Park

The duo of brother and sister- John and Linda Kutey had won the most fabulous lottery jackpot. They knew exactly what to do with the million-dollar prize. The siblings approached Green Island Village Hall and invested some money to recreate a local park into a modern spray park. This step was taken to pay respect to their parents.

The spray park is open for all children. The children can easily enjoy the hot summer days here. The Kuteys also bought the latest water rides and installed it in the park to multiply the fund of children. They even used some amount of money for their own well-being. John left his job and moved into a big beautiful house located in Florida near the water park. They only used one-fourth amount of money and created such a great water park for the locality and even made their lives better.

Stories of some more lottery winners


There are even more common stories where the lottery winners used the windfall to make their lives better. Some of them are:

John and Lisa Robinson won a third of the historical Jackpot of a total amount of 1.58 billion dollars. Robinson settled for a cash payment of 327.8 million dollars. They are now living in a 10-bedroom home, which costs more than 6 million dollars. Their luxurious home sits on a 320 acre of land and features a private lake. It even gives an outstanding view of Tennessee. Moreover, it has eight bathrooms and possibly the best home theatre. Thus, this shows how lavishly one can stay after winning a lottery.

Porunnan Rajan, a Keralan rubber tapper, was burdened by the amount of debt he had to his name. He already had three loans and struggled to pay them off. Then he decided to try his luck on lottery. So, he purchased a lot of lottery tickets. He could not believe his luck when the result came out. He was the winner of 1.6 million dollars. The fate of the daily wage earner changed suddenly. Porunnan purchased a larger apartment after all his debts had been settled. He has also decided to ensure better education for his daughter and he has promised to ensure a better lifestyle for his family. He is also seeking to invest his money to ensure that future generations have a better life.

Closing Words

As you have seen, lotteries can be life-changing. Many lottery winners choose to do good for themselves as well as the people around them. These lottery winners understood the importance of money and shared it with the community.

Trying your luck with the lottery can sometimes change your future completely. However, what is important is to use that amount wisely. People even tend to take the lottery too seriously and often get involved in illegal actions. It is better that you take your chance with the lottery for fun. There are even instances where people don’t know what to do with this sudden earned money and tend to gamble and lose everything. If you are among the few lottery winners, try to take inspiration from the above stories and do good for society.

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