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News 20-04-2021

Big lottery winners and their story

You will be amazed to hear the stories about lottery winners who changed their lives and others’ life after the windfall. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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News 19-04-2021 talks about U.S online casinos

For hundreds of years, gambling and real money betting have been a part of many cultures. Today the casino industry is bigger than ever and it shows no sign of slowing down. In this interview, we will talk to about online casinos in the U.S and what they are like. We will also talk […]

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News 28-11-2020


Super Smash is a domestic T20 competition played in New Zealand.  The Super Smash League happens every year during December and January. New Zealand Cricket (NZC) first launched a domestic T20 competition in 2005. And it was re-named Super Smash in the year 2014. The domestic competition garners good viewership and interest among the New […]

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News 21-11-2020


The Big Bash League often referred to as BBL is a professional Twenty20 league competition played at Australia. BBL is an annual cricketing event that takes place between December and February. The Big Bash League usually marks the start of the Australian cricketing summer and public come in large number to watch the matches. The […]

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News 15-11-2020


Greetings & good day to all my readers!!! Cricket is back on the field is all set to have a busy schedule in both the domestic leagues and international calendar. It is one of the enjoyable and tough times being a cricket fan consistently switching between different matches every day. Lanka Premier League (LPL) was […]

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News 10-11-2020

Celebrate Diwali with Royal Panda

Starting on November 9th and ending on November 15th Royal Panda is offering a special Diwali promotion. During these days you will be able to claim free spins on their top-notch casino. In order to claim these free spins please see the table below for more instructions. Date Offer Eligible games 9 November Deposit ₹2,500+ […]

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News 09-11-2020

Pakistan Super League 2020 (PSL 2020)

Pakistan Super League also called PSL 2020 is the domestic T20 competition conducted by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) annually from 2016.  PSL is scheduled to happen usually in the months of February and March every year. Currently, six teams are playing in the league but the league started with 5 teams in 2016 and was […]

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News 06-11-2020

IPL 2020 – Weekly Summary (Week 46)

Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly analysis of the Indian Premier League. IPL has come to an end with only 2 more matches remaining and 3 teams remain in contention for the title. Defending Champions Mumbai Indians are sitting comfortably in the finals in a quest to defend their title. Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi […]

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News 02-11-2020

IPL 2020 – Weekly Summary (Week 44)

Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly analysis of the Indian Premier League. IPL is entering a crucial phase where every team is affected by the results of the every match. One person`s loss tends to be other person`s gain and every team is routing for the results of other teams to improve their qualification […]

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News 24-10-2020

IPL 2020 – Weekly Summary (Week 43)

Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly analysis of the Indian Premier League. We will analyze the performances of the IPL matches played between October 17 to 23 in this article.  Every team is looking to put their best foot forward in the competition to qualify for the play-offs. We were treated with three super […]

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