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News 17-10-2020

IPL 2020 – Weekly Summary (Week 42)

Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly summary of the Indian Premier League 2020. Now we are going analyze the performance of teams from match 24 to 32. The competition is spicing up between the teams with qualification spots up for grabs and every team is looking to put their best foot forward. This week […]

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News 10-10-2020

IPL 2020 – Weekly Summary (Week 41)

Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly analysis of the performances of different teams in the IPL 2020 and have some insight into the progress of the tournament. Now we analyze the performance of teams from match 14 to 23. Every team has played 6 matches so far in the league phase barring RCB & […]

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News 02-10-2020

IPL 2020 – Weekly Summary (Week 40)

Hello everyone, welcome the weekly summary of the action in the IPL 2020 where we analyze the performances of the team, Players combinations & tactics, and injury concerns, etc. of this week. We are going to discuss the performances and results from matches 1 to match 13 on this topic. Every team has played 3 […]

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News 18-09-2020

Shpageeza Premier League – Tournament Summary

Shpageeza Premier League is a local Twenty20 tournament conducted by the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) every year.  The tournament was scheduled between 6th September 2020 to 16th September 2020 this year. All the 19 matches including the Qualifiers and finals were played at Kabul international stadium owing to the pandemic situation. The league was preponed […]

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News 18-09-2020

Shpageeza League 2020

The year has been very quiet for the cricket fans owing to Coronavirus. However, things are gradually coming back in shape. Different cricket matches are taking place in countries that are in better condition. Many domestic tournaments have already started and some are on the way. Several T20 leagues and international matches are taking place […]

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News 14-09-2020

CPL 2020 – Tournament Summary

The eighth season of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) came to an end with Trinbago Knight Riders winning their fourth title against St. Lucia Zouks in the finals. Caribbean Premier League is the first major T20 league to happen successfully after the pandemic halt that stopped cricketing action all over the world. CPL 2020 […]

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IPL Trophy
News 09-09-2020

IPL 2020

Welcome back!!! Cricket is making its grand resurgence after the pandemic halt with both T20 leagues and international matches taking place. Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) is the biggest T20 tournament across the globe and it is coming back for the 13th season.  IPL 2020 has moved out of Indian shores to the UAE and […]

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News 05-08-2020

Caribbean Premier League 2020

Cricket is slowly but steadily getting back into action after the pandemic. Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is the very first T20 league to take place after the pandemic halt. The tournament is expected to happen behind doors with no fans in a bio-secure environment due to the coronavirus scare. We expect cricketing action will help […]

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News 18-07-2020

Cricket Vs Covid-19

The entire world has come to a standstill due to the deadly pandemic which has infected millions of people. Cricket is no exception to the pandemic and all the cricketing action around the globe have been postponed or canceled for the past three months.  Cricket is a global sport that has a huge fan following […]

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News 22-06-2020

T20 World Cup 2020: Will it take place in New Zealand?

Half of the year has passed and cricket fans have not been able to enjoy any cricketing action for the past three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak of the disease has postponed many fixtures that were slated for these months, and the upcoming events are also under the threat of getting postponed […]

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