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For hundreds of years, gambling and real money betting have been a part of many cultures. Today the casino industry is bigger than ever and it shows no sign of slowing down. In this interview, we will talk to about online casinos in the U.S and what they are like. We will also talk a bit about why chooses to work with online casinos in the U.S market. So without further ado, let us get into the interview and hear what they have to say about it. 

Why did choose to work with U.S casinos?

The first question we want to get an answer to is why they chose to work with U.S online casinos and focus on that market. tells us that they chose the U.S market for several reasons, one thing is because online casinos and gambling are quite new to some states in the United States which makes it interesting. They also tell us that they do only work with casinos in New Jersey, not the whole U.S. keeps talking and tells us that online casinos in NJ are very popular among the citizens over there which makes it a good choice for them to work with several of the online casinos there. We asked if there are any casinos that are especially popular for NJ players and they told us about one casino named Betamerica Nj that seemed to be a site that players liked. 

Do the U.S citizens play more than Swedish players?

We also wanted to ask whether the U.S players tend to play and gamble more than the Swedish players do. That is a hard question to answer says because there is a big difference in the size of Sweden and the U.S and it’s hard to track down all gambling activity. But if we are going to give it a shot to answer that question we would say that U.S players have a higher revenue generated from online gambling than Sweden have. But again, it’s a tricky question to answer says. 

What made you choose NJ over other states in the U.S? 

We at Sonabets are curious over why chose NJ when there are other states where online gambling is legal in the United States. We did choose NJ because online casinos are very popular over there and it´s not that long ago since they got their bill approved for gambling online, which makes it interesting to see what impact that would have on the NJ market tells us. 

Apart from that they also said that the online casinos that are available for NJ players are usually very good casinos that are popular among the players and have a good reputation. 

We would like to thank for their time and for the answers to our questions about today’s topic.

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