How to bet on Cricket

Cricket has become the second most followed sport behind only football in the world with its popularity in Asian countries increasing in recent years. Nowadays, we have competitive cricket played on almost 365 days a year with different leagues, & local tournaments played alongside international schedule. Cricket thus offers trading opportunities on all the days and the various factors that affect the game furthermore make betting in cricket an interesting option.  

Basics of cricket

Now, you have decided to start bet on cricket then you must understand more about the game to better your chances of winning money. Cricket unlike any other sport is played across three international formats namely Test, One-Day International (ODI), & Twenty20 international (T20I). We must be aware of the playing conditions, preferred formats, skill-set, player capabilities, etc to keep our bets.


We must understand each format of the game to make us an expert in cricket betting.  Test Cricket is played over 5 days with a minimum of 90 overs on each day`s play. Every day is separated into 3 sessions of play. Test matches span over a long time and it is tough to keep track of game during the entire duration. We must be aware of the general playing conditions like the first 2-3 days will be good for batting and the last 2 days will be tough to bat as the pitch deteriorates. The second new ball might alter the proceedings of the game with wickets falling in heap after a good start by the batting team. 

ODI matches and T20I matches will be played on a single day. ODIs have a maximum of 50 overs per team while T20Is will have a maximum of 20 overs per team. Batsmen will find it easier to play in the limited-overs format and they score big runs more often. We can usually see high scoring rate in the death overs (last few overs) and power play overs in the limited-overs format and we also have a high probability of wickets in these overs. T20 is the most preferred format for betting in cricket owing to its short time of play and global popularity. 


We can easily say Cricket depends more on the weather conditions when compared to any other sport. The weather interruptions may come into place to shorten the game or alter the proceedings of the game considering the DLS equation. Weather interruptions like rain or overcast conditions may alter the momentum of the game and can give an upper hand to one team in certain ways. 

Pitch conditions & player skillset

The pitch might vary across the different countries and it may have a big impact on player’s ability based on the conditions. For example, in England & New Zealand conditions, the pitch will have grass cover and will aid the swing bowlers whereas in sub-continental spinners will enjoy more success owing to the dry nature of the track. We must bet on Jimmy Anderson in the overcast English conditions will give you good returns but he may not be a viable option for matches played in sub-continents. Similarly, batsmen tend to play well in home conditions as they are used to it and will struggle in foreign conditions. 

Stats & records

We must dig deep into the records and stats at a certain venue so that we can understand about the playing conditions and player performances in the game. The recent form and win-loss record of a team may have a big impact. And the team in form is expected to win the contest mostly. For example, Rohit Sharma has a phenomenal record at Eden Gardens pitch and it will be a safe option to bet on him to score runs on this pitch especially. 

Please keep following the below cricketing sites to get your daily dose of cricketing action around the world and it will help to better understand and analyze the game for betting. 

How to start bet on cricket

  Now that you have good knowledge about the game of cricket and is willing to start betting on the game. Let us see how to start betting in cricket in the following steps in India.

Step 1: Choose a betting site or app

The first step in betting is choosing a betting site for you. You have to check the different betting options and payment options on the site or app that is comfortable for you. In India, the following betting sites are famous and you can try choosing any one of them for betting.

  1. 10CRIC
  2. Dream XI – mobile app
  3. Bet365
  4. Leo Vegas

Step 2: Depositing money in the account

Once you choose the site that is bested suited for your requirements we can then move ahead to deposit money for betting. We cannot bet on the money unless we deposit it in India. Every betting site might have a Wallet option where we have to transfer money using the Debit bank, Credit card, e-Banking site, and UPI money transfer options. 

We might get promotional offers while depositing the money in the betting site and be aware of the transaction charges for transferring the money from betting site to your bank account. The transactions must be done only in INR for betting in India strictly. 

Step 3: Learning about the betting Odds

Once you have picked a site and deposited money into the account, you must have come across the term betting odds. Betting Odds gives us the probability of an event happening and help us place your bets based these consideration made by the experts. Let us consider an example to better understand what betting odds denote.

Consider a dice with six different numbers on it. The probability of getting any number will be 1/6 which equals 0.1667. So we have a chance of 16.67% winning our money when we bet on any number. Similarly betting sites determine the probability of an event happening in sports and give their suggestion using the odds.

Now, you need to know how to determine the probability & chances of winning money from the Odds value. The odds are usually represented by two methods such as the fractional odds and Decimal Odds. 

Fractional Odds – the odds are represented as two numbers with a numerator and denominator value as whole numbers.Let us take a deep look into it considering the following example of India vs Australia match at Bengaluru.

(Image Courtesy: Times of India)

The probability may be determined by dividing the denominator value by the sum of the numerator & denominator value.

Bet on cricket formula

Based on the above example

India`s chances of winning = 10/ (10+5) = 66.67%

Australia`s chances of winning = 4/ (4+5) = 44.45%

Team India has higher chances of winning considering the home conditions, better rankings (which denote form), and their player’s capability in the following match.

Next, we might check the money value linked to the odds for this match and your chances of winning money.

Consider an amount of Rs. 1000 being bet on the above match.

Betting On India = (10+5)/10*1000 = Rs.1500

Winnings = 1500-1000 = Rs.500

Betting On Australia = (4+5)/4*1000 + Rs. 2250

Winnings = 2250-1000 = Rs.1250

As per our above calculations, we have a chance of getting Rs.1500 in returns for betting Rs.1000 on the Indian team while Rs. 2250 return for the same amount on the Australia team. Betting on Australia gives us more return but we have to consider Australia has lesser winning chances than the Indian team. Betting on the favorite team might give you lesser returns as more people tend to bet on them. 

Decimal Odds – the odds are represented in decimal values for each item. Let us consider the following example of India-Australia match odds for the WC2019 encounter.

Probability can be determined by dividing one by the decimal Odd value.

Probability = 1/Decimal Odd

Probability of India winning = 1/1.80 = 55.56% 

Probability of Australia winning = 1/ 2 = 50%

The Indian team has better chances of winning when compared to the Australia team in the above match. 

Next, money value can be determined by multiplying the amount of bet with the decimal odd as a factor

Money value = Decimal odd * Money on bet

Let us consider betting Rs.1000 on both teams and return we might bet on both cases. 

Betting on India = 1.8*1000 = Rs. 1800

Winnings = 1800-1000 = Rs.800

Betting on Australia = 2*1000 = Rs. 2000

Winnings = 2000-1000 = Rs.1000

In this case, betting on Australia gives better returns as they are the least favorite team to win the match as per the odds. 

Types of Betting

Betting can be done in cricket in various forms such as match result, Individual player scores, innings score, highest runs, series results, etc. In Cricket, betting may happen even after the match has started and in a few cases, betting can be done only before the first ball is bowled. Let us take a quick look at some of the few betting options in place recently.

Match results

Betting on the match result is the most famous method of betting mostly. We can take a look at the odds in place for the match and place our bet on the winning team. The odds will change as the match progresses. For example, if Australia bats first and the score line reads 50/3 in 10 overs the odds may change to India 1.5 & Australia 2.3 in the previous case. Similarly, if Australia is 70/0 in 10 overs the odds might move in their favor. The odds move in favor of the team in the position of strength as the match progresses. 

Individual players

We can bet on the performances of the individual players` performances in the match. We can bet as the player might be the top scorer or a certain amount of runs in this innings. For example, we can bet on players like Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, or Andre Russell in the T20I leagues owing to their vast experience, hitting prowess, and all-around capabilities. We must bet on players who are consistent with their performance. 

Overs, wickets, etc.

We can bet on various other aspects of the game such as runs in scored in 10 overs timeframe, wickets in the powerplay, partnerships, runs scored in one over, etc. We must understand the game situation and then bet on the proceedings of the game and predict the result or outcome of the match. Betting in short spans has been a big hit like runs in over, 10 overs run rate, etc. in the betting platforms.

Dream XI

Dream XI is the most famous betting mobile application in India recently. In the Dream XI platform, you have to pick 11 players combined form both teams. Then we can choose a captain & vice-captain from the selected XI. We get points depending on the runs, wickets, catches, etc. The points will be doubled for captain & 1.5X for the vice-captain. We can win the contests based on the total points tally scored by our team in the contest. A lot of other mobile apps & sites also use this format in the betting.

Betting tips & strategies

Now, you might have a good understanding of the cricket game, types of betting involved, betting terms, etc. We will give you some basic tips for betting before you put on your money.

  1. Do homework – You must understand the pitch conditions, player capabilities, venue average scores, etc before betting on a match. Go through the stats and previous results at the venue. The more you research about the game the more are the chances of your victory. Always keep a track of the happenings in the cricketing circuit.
  2. Plan your bet – You must always plan on the amount of money you are going on bet on each match, player, etc. Stick to your plans in betting and don’t over-bet if you happen to win in a few of the matches. Never be too greedy in your bets.
  3. Invest only on surplus money– Never consider betting as your basic mode of money earnings and invest only on the surplus money you have. Don`t look to time your earnings or recover your losses too soon. Take it easy on yourself if you are going through a tough phase with losses as they are bound to happen.

Betting is more like the share market than the lottery as many would suggest. We can analyze the game, predict the outcomes, and then make an educated guess about the result to make earnings from our bet. It involves a lot of research about the playing conditions, weather, pitch report, player form, results, stats, and records to make our guesses. Even after undergoing this much research and understanding, we might still fail to predict correctly. 

We wish all our readers success in their betting and keep in touch with the game of cricket constantly. Betting in cricket will sure be a profitable one when we put in our efforts in understanding the game, players, conditions, etc, and bet on the right platform.