IPL 2020 Postponed: Will the Tournament be Held Outside India?

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected businesses and the economy, but it has wreaked havoc in the entertainment and sports industry. India’s most awaited cricketing tournament, Indian Premier League (IPL) is also postponed owing to the pandemic. IPL was originally slated to start from the end of March. Later, BCCI postponed it for a month following the lockdown orders. However, things did not go as planned. The rise in the number of corona positive cases in the country has pushed the tournament further. Till date, things are not clear in this regard but many speculations are making waves.  Let’s find out the latest buzz regarding IPL fixtures. 

No signs of IPL in India 

As we know that India is currently going through Unlock 1 whereby the Indian government has finally decided to lift the lockdown restrictions and allow businesses to continue. However, restrictions on public gatherings and activities are not yet lifted. Since a large number of people book their seats for IPL, it might accelerate the rate at which the virus spreads. Considering augmenting cases, it’s nearly impossible for the IPL 2020 to take place in India. However, that doesn’t mean IPL 2020 stands canceled. It might take place at a different venue, though. 

The Emirates Cricket Board send a proposal to Host IPL 2020 in UAE

The ECB (Emirates Cricket Board) has shown interest in organizing the Indian Premier League 2020 in the UAE. The president of BCCI, Sourav Ganguly, earlier mentioned that he wanted the IPL to be conducted in India only. But, with the pandemic growing rapidly and the situation getting out of hands, there is a good chance that BCCI might accept the proposal given by BCCI. 

IPL 2020 was scheduled to start from March 29 and then, BCCI had to reschedule it to April 15. But the plight of the country owing to the virus spread has put the tournament in an indecisive status. Many fans have lost their hope and there has been no further developments from the Board. 

A Feasible Option for the Board

During Unlock 1, the Indian government has lifted certain restrictions from the players. Now, the cricketers are allowed to practice in cricket stadiums, given that they are located in the non-containment zones. While cricketers have started their training, the situation doesn’t seem even close to getting better. This is a piece of bad news for the board. If the Indian Premier League is not conducted this year, then the BCCI will have to bear a loss of approx INR 4000 Crore. So, organizing the IPL outside India seems to be the only feasible choice for the board.

Some matches of IPL were organized in UAE in the past

Confirming the proposal of conducting IPL in UAE, the secretary of Emirates Cricket Board mentioned that they have organized IPL tournaments in UAE before. So, it is not going to be the first time for the country to conduct a cricket tournament. In the year 2014, IPL took place in the United Arab Emirates due to the election procedure in India. He further added that UAE has a record of hosting different cricket tournaments. 

Is IPL 2020 going to be held outside India?

Though many people seem to be supporting the idea of organizing IPL in India only, some associates of the board favor the decision of taking this year’s tournament outside the country. 

Some BCCI members are not in favor of organizing IPL 2020 in UAE as they believe following a new set of guidelines of a different country can be a super challenging task for the players. However, some members believe that conducting the IPL is what matters the most currently. So, if the only way to host the tournament this year is by taking it outside the country, then the decision should be taken. 

The priority of the board is to conduct the tournament in India. It will be a positive signal for Indians. Moreover, the board believes it can turn out to be a little expensive than usual to conduct the matches outside India. The players want cricketing action to start soon. It gives them the rhythm and energy they need for big tournaments like test matches and ODI. They further mentioned that it would be difficult for them to start with the ODI and other cricket tournaments. 

The board is currently looking into the matter from all angles and trying to work on an effective plan. The venue seems to be the most crucial topic for BCCI. Even if the board decides to conduct this year’s IPL in India, they have to take the player’s and audience’s safety into consideration. We hope the board will come up with the best decision soon!

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