IPL Betting

Are you a die-hard fan of IPL who never affords to miss even a single match? Do you often casually bet with your family and friends and emerge as a winner? Well, if you are really an IPL astrologer, then you can put your betting skills to test with online IPL betting.  Though betting is illegal in India, online betting is permitted in the country. So, you can visit a credible sports book and start with IPL betting. 

Indian Premium League (IPL) is one of the most significant cricketing events in India. The fans eagerly wait for the commencement of the IPL matches. The league is even hot-favorite of online punters because the stakes are quite high. Furthermore, live betting adds thrill to the overall betting experience. You can also join the exhilarating experience by taking part in IPL betting. Wondering how you can get started and where you can bet? Well, just keep reading and we’ll answer all your questions along with guiding you to start IPL Betting. 

IPL Betting: A complete guide 

One of the most stylish cricket tournaments, the Indian Premium League takes place between March to May every year. Fans and punters from all over the globe look forward to this humongous event. IPL has managed to win the hearts of many cricket fans in recent years and it has been successful in keeping people glued to the television.  Basically, the tournament involves eight teams depicting important Indian cities, playing against one another for the biggest prize and IPL trophy. IPL is a league to promote local talent in India. The inclusion of national players and top international players in each team along with young domestic players, adds thrill to the tournaments. 

IPL Betting can be done when watching games live.
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Unlike other cricketing events, IPL is new, which started in the year 2008 for the first time. The competition takes place using a Double Round format, which means every team plays another team twice in the group leagues. Furthermore, every team plays one match in their home ground and the other game in the ground of the opponent team. IPL offers many betting opportunities for the punters. As a newbie, you must be loaded with several questions pertaining to IPL betting in your head. We’ve tried to answer most of the questions in this section. So, settle down and read!

How to get started with IPL betting?

There are many opportunities for IPL betting. If you know how to bet effectively and you have a well-defined strategy, you can see yourself with a better chance of winning. So, how you can start betting and win big? Here are some steps to follow: 

Firstly, it is crucial to get started with a budget in your mind, as you must have a clear idea of how much money you can invest when it comes to IPL betting. Online betting involves depositing funds before you go ahead with the betting. Hence, determining the limit is extremely important. This will always keep yon on the safer side and help you bet more effectively. 

Once you have a budget in your mind, you must start researching about the odds in play. You must familiarize yourself with the odds in the game, as this will help you ascertain the revenue that you can get if you win a bet. The main mantra to bet successfully is to develop your knowledge about teams and players. If you have not been researching enough, then you’ll have to do guesswork and you might fail to win the bet. 

In the IPL, many proficient national and international cricketers participate. Therefore, it is always a great idea to research the players that play exceptionally well and thus help enhance your chances of winning the betting. While researching about them, pay attention to details such as the pros and cons of the teams and how the cricketers have played in the last matches. If you are not sure how to begin with researching, you can go through the T20 statistics of each player. Furthermore, for improving your chances of winning, you can utilize IPL live betting and remain in a profitable position. 

Choose your site to bet on IPL

There are ample sites to gamble when it comes to betting in Indian Premium League. However, you should start with a website that is easy to use, authentic and best for newbies. Some of the best sites and sportsbooks for IPL betting are: 


It is one of the best betting sites for a newbie in IPL as it offers good betting options along with comprehensive knowledgebase. The site has a great interface and it is straightforward to use, so newbies can familiarize themselves with it conveniently. The site offers several IPL betting options including live betting. It even offers several payment methods of deposit and withdrawal from wallet to credit card to online transfers. 


This betting site has been able to make a special place amongst cricket fans as it offers to bet on all cricket events from Test Matches, One-day Betting to T20 Betting. The site is also great for IPL betting as it offers decent odds.  It is good for newbies as the navigation is sleek and the site contains useful information, tips, and tricks so that newbies can gain knowledge. In addition to this, 1xBet has been fully licensed. It is equipped with facilities like live chat option for players to interact. It offers a lucrative bonus that one can enjoy at the time of joining this site. 


Many cricket fans have shown immense trust on the site called Betwinner, mainly because it is an incredible bookmaker. It is renowned for offering a wide range of options to the customers, which has helped it to emerge as one of the best and most suitable sites for beginners. It offers IPL betting and live betting with decent odds. With this site, one can expect higher profits, and it also includes more straightforward deposits methods, like Cryptocurrency and Paytm. 

Spin Palace Sports

Spin Palace Sports is one of the best site offering sports book and casino gaming brand. Many people have been using this site for betting when it comes to IPL betting. The site has earned an excellent reputation, and thus fans are finding this site a great place, to begin with. With welcome bonus and other facilities, fans have started investing their money in this betting site. 

So, these are some of the best betting sites for IPL. How are you going to select the right betting site when it comes to winning bets in IPL? Well, personal choice is the most critical factor. However, you must take out time to look and research further on the various betting sites and choose the one that is credible and authentic.

Best IPL bets for newbies

There are different types of bets for the sports punters from match to tournament bet. Some of the best IPL bets for newbies are: 

Match Winner

Most of the common bet is related to wagering on the outcome of the match. Every IPL match involves two players and you can predict the winner and place your bets on the winner. There are more than 60 fixtures in IPL, so you can bet on the outcome of each match and make huge winnings.  Before betting, you can go through pre-match insights related to match to place a perfect bet. 

IPL Winner

Many betting platforms offer odds where you can select the winner of the entire tournament. However, you shouldn’t hurry in choosing the best side. You should first watch a few matches of each team, and see the form of players and team standings after some matches. After some matches, you’ll gain a better understanding of teams’ form and you can accurately predict the winner along with the price that you should put at stake. Though Royal Challengers Bangalore has a huge fan following, punters favorites are Mumbai Indians and Chennai Superkings as they’ve lifted the trophy many times. 

Man of the Match

In IPL betting, you can also bet on the player you think will win the ‘Man of the Match’ title. For predicting the correct man of the match, you should look at players’ stats and also follow cricket regularly to know about the form of players. It is a safe choice to bet on the player who is in good form. You can also choose the option of live betting for more accurate betting. Generally, all-rounders get the title of ‘Man of the Match’


As you know, IPL is a league where you can witness the maximum number of boundaries in a single match, especially in the last few overs. So, punters have the option to bet on the boundaries of the match. You can place your bets on the number of boundaries, fours, and sixes that each side will hit. You can also select the side and player that will hit the maximum boundaries in a match. Usually, West Indies players are the best bet when it comes to boundaries and the side that holds them should be generally chosen.  

Highest partnership

Another popular bet on IPL matches is related to predicting the highest opening partnership. You can watch IPL matches and bet on players that form good partners. Usually, opening partnerships or middle-order partnerships are the best bet. 

Individual performance of the player

In IPL betting, you also have an option to bet on a single player you think will perform well in the match/tournament.  In this bet, you’ll receive points for all the runs, catches and wickets taken by the selected player. It is best to bet on an all-rounder as IPL is dominated by all-rounders like Russel and Pandya. 

Closing note

IPL betting is one of the most popular betting options among cricket fans. If you are an ardent fan of IPL, then you should try your luck in IPL betting and earn a fortune. To get started, you can look at the available options and then create an account on a betting platform that is most suitable to you.