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Do you follow cricket regularly? Do you consider yourself an expert analyst and possess great prediction skills? If so, then you can earn hard cash by applying your skills in cricket betting. To know more about online cricket betting in India, stay tuned to this post. We’ll answer all your questions in this post. 

All about Cricket: History, biggest events and stadiums

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world trailing just behind football. When it comes to India, the sport is rooted in the heart of the citizens. Though cricket is not the national game of India, it is a national obsession. Just as football is for Brazil, cricket is for India.  

Indians closely follow all cricket series from T-20 to even the test matches, especially if the Indian team is playing. So, it can be rightly said that the sport is treated as a religion in India. Though cricket is the most popular sport in India, it did not originate from this land. 

The origin of cricket

The history of the sport dates back to the sixteenth century in England. It began as a community, street, and school game. In the eighteenth century, cricket was seen as a great sport for betting by the English nobles. The government of England even declared cricket as their national sport. Gradually, English realized the need to introduce laws in the game and to promote it as an international sport. The first international cricket match was held in 1877 between Australia and England. The rest is just history!

Cricket in India

In India, the earliest trace of the sport is spotted in the 1720s. During these years, British sailors played it in Kutch’s seaport for recreation purposes. However, the peculiar game evoked curiosity in the onlookers and they started practicing it. Many cricket fixtures took place in India, but they were played between British people (then rulers of Indian). Later, Calcutta Cricket Club was established in the year 1792.  

Full-fledged cricketing action started in India in 1864 with the first match taking place between Madras and Calcutta. The first international match was organized in the year 1889 when players from England arrived in India for a three-match series. Cricket was gaining huge significance in India, but there was an absence of an organization that could manage cricket players and matches in India. Hence, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was formed in the year 1928 with consensus. 

In the year 1932, India joined the ‘elite club’ alongside England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the West Indies. Finally, the Indian team played its first international match at Lords in England against the home team in the year 1932. 

Gradually, the popularity of the sport started growing in the country and after India’s World Cup win in 1983, Indians started following the sport like a religion. With the introduction of short-form T-20 matches and IPL, the popularity of cricket in India is ever-increasing. Not just India, but Indian cricket attracts viewers from all over the globe. It also attracts betters or punters. 

The cricketing action for Indian cricket fans is all year round, which includes India’s tour of different countries, IPL, World Cup, and many other international fixtures. Fans can watch all Indian team matches from any part of the world by streaming the matches online while the lucky ones can visit the stadium to enjoy the action live.  

The biggest cricket stadiums

Cricket enthusiasts from all over the world love to enjoy cricket matches by watching them from home or live from the stadium. For a die-hard fan, watching a match live is an amazing feeling. That is why many enthusiasts make it a point to visit the stadium and rejoice to see their favorite cricketers play. Many stadiums are constructed all across the globe with a huge capacity to accommodate a large number of spectators. Let’s have a look at the three biggest cricket stadiums. 

Sardar Patel Stadium, India

With a capacity of 110, 000 spectators, Sadar Patel Stadium is the biggest stadium in the world. This stadium is situated in Montera in Gujarat, built at sprawling 63 acres area. It was unveiled earlier this year but it is yet to host its first match. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia is the second-largest stadium in the world. This stadium was built in the year 1853 and for more than 150 years, it held the numero uno spot among the biggest cricket stadiums of the world. It has a capacity of 100, 024. 

The Melbourne Cricket Ground
Photo credit: Jon Lin Photography

Eden Gardens

The third biggest stadium is Eden Gardens that is situated in Kolkata, India. Constructed in the year 1864 at a sprawling campus, the stadium has a capacity of 66,000 spectators. The stadium has hosted many world cup matches and other prominent fixtures. 

Biggest cricket leagues

There are many leagues that keep the fans and punters hooked throughout the year. However, there are some major cricket tournaments that are most-awaited. Let’s have a look at four biggest cricket leagues:

ICC Cricket World Cup

This league is undoubtedly the biggest cricket league in the world that is held once in four years. It is the most-watched cricket tournament as it aims at crowning the world champions for the next four years. All the international teams get a chance to claim the title of champion and to take home the trophy. The road to the finale is quite long which includes qualifying matches followed by group stages, then quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. For punters, the ICC World Cup is an opportunity to earn a fortune with the right wagering.  

ICC T20 World Cup

Out of all formats of cricket, T20 grabs maximum attention as it is an exciting event with raining sixes and fours. A T20 match can finish in a few hours, which allows people to easily follow the matches. Even punters put high stakes in T20 matches. The ICC organizes T20 World Cup to crown the world champions in this short-form of cricket. The event attracts spectators and punters from all corners of the world. 

Ashes Series

The cricket tournaments that involve competition between arch-rivals are always able to attract a huge number of spectators. Ashes Series is one of them. Held after every two years, the series involves a clash between England and Australia. Just like India and Pakistan, England and Australia are fierce rivals. So, the Ashes series attract a large number of cricket fans as well as punters. 

Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL is the most popular league of India that includes T20 fixtures between domestic teams. Along with new players and experienced Indian players, each team has some international players to add excitement to the league. This two-month tournament receives huge viewership. It is one of the most popular tournaments among punters and there are high stakes in IPL.

Cricket Betting: All FAQs answered

As stated earlier, the sport is a religion in India. Indians follow the game and watch cricket series especially IPL along with the entire family. Most of the people residing in India are following the sport for so long that they’ve developed an in-depth understanding of it. Many individuals are even good at making predictions related to the match’s outcome or the players’ performance. Such people can try their hands in online betting and earn huge rewards. In addition to Indians, many international fans can also participate in cricket betting to earn hard cash. 

Betting also is known as wagering, is prevailing in India in the form of lotteries for decades.  Though betting and gambling are declared as illegal by the government, no guidelines or rules have been released for online betting. Hence, punters can perform online wagering to fulfill their passion and earn big. 

Betting Industry in India

The betting industry is a goldmine of opportunities. As per 2016’s report of the Hindustan Times, the worth of the betting industry in India is a whopping $150 billion each year. By 2019, the worth went up to $200 billion and the industry will soar further in the coming years. 

The stakes of some matches like IPL knockouts and high-profile encounters are higher than $300 million while the average stake on a match is around $200 million. These facts clearly depict the immense potential of wagering in India. Hence, you can capitalize on this burgeoning and opportunistic industry by creating an account in the online betting platform. 

Where I can watch cricket online?

Are you interested in online betting? Do you know bet can also be placed while streaming the matches live? Yes, this kind of betting is quite fascinating and it is known as live betting. Many platforms offer live betting. Let’s have a look at the top three websites where you can watch cricket online and do live wagering.


1XBet is a popular wagering platform that began its operations from 2007 onwards. It allows Sports Betting, Live Betting, Multi-view Betting, Virtual Sports, and live streaming. The platform belongs to Cyprus but it accepts players from all over the world. It supports various payment options, different currencies, and even cryptocurrency. You can live stream live matches and bet on them. 


Betway is another amazing bookmaker for live betting and streaming that is operational since 2006. Headquartered in Malta, the platform offers live steaming and wagering to individuals from all over the world. It is a user-friendly platform and great for new users. It supports various payment options.   


Bet365 is a betting and live streaming website that is moderated from the United Kingdom. Established in the year 2000, it is one of the oldest and most authentic wagering websites. The platform offers free live streaming along with live betting. It accepts individuals from different countries. So, you can conveniently enjoy live matches from any corner of the world.  

What kind of bets can I make?

If you intend to bet in cricket, then you must know about various bets available. Different bookmakers offer varieties of bets, more than any other game. Let’s have a look at them: 

Match Betting

It is the most common and simplest type of betting. In the case of match betting, punters only have to bet on the outcome of the game i.e. they have to predict the winner of the match.  If punters are able to bet on the winning team, then they can collect rewards based on the calculated odds. In the case of a tie, the bets will be treated as void.

Tied Match betting

In addition to match betting, the punter can also bet on the possibility of a tie. This kind of wagering is quite popular in the case of test matches as chances of a draw are quite high. Also known as ‘Draw No Bet’, it can be used with match wagering to allow punters to earn rewards despite the match being called out due to weather conditions. 

Series Winner

This type of betting is popular for three-match, five-match series like Ashes and many more. You can predict the winner of the series and earn huge rewards for a correct bet. The stakes are quite high in case of betting the series winner.  

Outright Winner

Instead of wagering in a single match, you can place your bet in the entire tournaments. Many punters prefer this kind of betting for big tournaments like World T20, ICC World Cup, Champions Trophy, etc.  Since there are so many teams in a tournament, it is quite difficult to choose the winner. Hence, the odds are highest in the case of betting in tournaments. 

Proposition Bet

This kind of betting is different from the usual betting where you wager on outcomes of the watch. In this type of betting, you can wager on players or in predictions like toss result, projected score, wickets, etc. You can also choose the top player, top bowler, and whether a score will go above or below a given milestone. 

Where can I bet on cricket online?

Online cricket betting is the best way to make money by applying your cricket knowledge and prediction sense. In order to apply bets on matches, series or tournament, you’ll have to become a punter. For that, you’ll have to open a betting account in betting platforms. After the creation of the account, you can deposit funds in your account and wager on cricket matches. There are many betting platforms or bookmakers that accept punters from different corners of the world. However, you must always choose credible and authentic platforms to secure your earnings. 

When it comes to online cricket betting, you can bank on top bookmakers which include Betway, 10 Cric, Bet365, ComeOn, 1XBet, LeoVegas, 22 Bet, and Royal Panda.  These platforms are authentic and licensed, so they ensure the security of your earnings. For newbies, these platforms offer a Welcome bonus of up to 150 USD, which is rewarded after your first deposit. These bookmakers support different payment gateways and channels, so you can conveniently deposit money and withdraw rewards.  

This was a brief account of cricket betting in India. We hope you had a good reading! You can follow our other posts to master betting and win big from it.