Are you fond of the Kabaddi? Do you stay tuned to all seasons of the Pro Kabaddi League? If so, then you can watch the matches and even win hard cash by betting on Pro Kabaddi matches. Don’t know where and how to start? This post will answer all your questions. 

History of Kabbadi

Well, Kabbadi is to India as cricket is to England. Yes, it is a game that belongs to the land of India. The history and legacy of Kabaddi dates back to 4000 years ago in Tamil Nadu. The then princes played this sport to showcase their strength, intelligence and endurance, and to win over their brides in competition. There is a spot for the game in the Indan Mythology also. One can find references to the game in the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. Many believe that the sport originated in Tamil Nadu whereby the inhabitants played the game to derive their skills as a group for hunting and defending. There are even speculations that Kabaddi originated in other states of the country. But, the modern version of Kabaddi has its origin in the state of Maharashtra when several competitions started in the year 1921. 

Pro kabaddi in action
Photo credit: Prime Captain

The beginning of changing the face of Kabaddi: Pro Kabaddi League 

In 2014, Charu Sharma transformed her idea into reality by inaugurating the first season of Pro Kabaddi League. She was greatly influenced by the popularity of Kabaddi in the Asian Games and so she introduced an indoor version of Kabaddi to be played on the court. Charu Sharma conceptualized to create a format of Kabaddi in a similar pattern to IPL. Even though there were apprehensions about the success of the Pro Kabaddi League, yet she took the chance. This tournament opened the door to gain viewers from both rural and urban India.  

The opening season attracted a total viewership of 435 million views, which by the records is the number just falling behind the viewership of the Indian Premier League of 2014. The final championship for the opening season gained a total viewership of 86.4 million views. The match was played between Abhishek Bachan’s Jaipur Pink Panthers and Ronnie Screwala’s U-Mumba. Following the success of the inaugural season of Pro Kabaddi League, its broadcaster, Star Sports, announced acquiring 74% of stake in 2015 in the league’s Parent Company, Mashal Sports. 

Season 1 

On the 20th of May 2014 in Mumbai, the first signing and auctioning of players for 8 teams was held for the inaugural season. Rakesh Kumar, the then captain of the Indian National Kabaddi team, was bought for 12.80 Lakhs by the Patna Pirates. He was the priciest amongst all the other players. 

A total of 60 games were played in the first season. The first season began on the 26th of July and ended on 31st August. The matches included double round-robin matches along with two semi-finals, a match for the third place and the finals. In the first round, 56 matches were played and 4 matches were played in the playoff stage, which made it a total of 60 matches. Final was played between U-Mumba and Jaipur Pink Panthers whereby Jaipur became victorious. 

Season 2  

The 2nd season of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League was held from 18th July to 23rd August. And similar to the first season, there were 60 matches played including two semi-finals, a match for the third place and the final match for the championship. On 18th July, the first match was played between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and U-Mumba. The final was played on 23rd August at Mumbai, between U-Mumbai and Bengaluru Bulls. Telegu Titans emerged as the third winner, flowed by Bengaluru Bulls in the second position and U-Mumba claimed the championship. 

Season 3

As the popularity of the Pro Kabaddi league was on the rise, the third season came within 5 months, after the ending of the second season. With 8 teams in season 3, the COO of Star India announced that Pro Kabaddi league will be played twice a year, once in January- February 2016 and the next half in June-July 2016. In the third season, Patna Pirates emerged as the winners beating U-Mumba by 3 points.

Season 4

The existing eight teams that participated in the first three seasons were also in the fourth season. And the season ran from 25th June to 31st July. Season four had a special launch for the first professional Woman Kabaddi League and Women’s Kabaddi Challenge (WKC). The first season of WKC was witness to 3 teams, Ice Divas, Fire Birds, and Storm Queen battle. In the men’s finals, Patna Pirates beat the Jaipur Pink Panthers. In the women’s section, the Storm Queen beat the Fire Birds in Hyderabad. The men’s final was also scheduled along with the women’s final in Hyderabad. 

Season 5 

2017 was witness to the fifth season of the Pro Kabaddi League featuring 12 teams. Four new teams included Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Haryana. JSW Sports created their team and named it Haryana Steelers while Gautam Adani named his team as Gujarat Fortune Giants. The Tamil Thalaivas was co-owned by Sachin Tendulkar while GMR Group named their team as UP Yodha. The fifth season is also the longest season with 138 matches played in all, over 13 weeks. 

Season 6 

The sixth season was back, bigger and better with all the twelve teams from season 5. It witnessed several tumbling records. The season was certainly a feast for the eyes of the Kabaddi Fans, be it the old ones or the newer ones.  The sixth season began on 7th October. 

Season 7 

In 2019, the seventh season of Pro Kabaddi League was organized which featured twelve teams. Bengal Warriors emerged as the winners, defeating Dabang Delhi by a margin of 39-34 and claimed the championship for the season. The season witnessed some of the first-ever records for the Pro Kabaddi League. 

Betting on Pro Kabaddi League 

Pro Kabaddi League is popular in India. Hence just like cricket betting and betting on other sports, individuals took interest in Kabaddi betting. Every year, millions of fans across India, Bangladesh and South Asia bet on various matches of Pro Kabaddi League. Though offline betting is forbidden in India, online betting is legit. If you wish to start betting in the Pro Kabaddi League, then you can find all the information below:  

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How to get started with online betting in Pro Kabaddi?  

Today betting online is very easy than betting in person. Hence, the online bookies have replaced the bookies on land. Online betting is indeed effortless as you can place a bet from the comfort of your home. You just need to create an online account, deposit a minimum balance, and you are good to go. The next thing you need to do is choose your favorite sport and start creating the first betting slip. You are ready to place your first wager once you have learned everything related to betting and done with the whole process. 

Once you register with a suitable bookie, you will be required to deposit funds in your account to get started. Most of the online bookies accept all debit and credit cards, but when it comes to e-wallets, things may be different. Hence, it is advisable to check for your preferred method of making payments before randomly registering with any bookie. Not all bookies accept all web wallets. 

Also, you must make sure that you can withdraw your winnings with your card or e-wallet, whichever is your preferred choice. Do not forget to claim your welcome bonus offer from the bookies as soon as you deposit money into your account. It would be foolish not to claim a few extra funds for punting. After all, who would want to lose such an opportunity?

Types of bets available on Kabaddi  

Betting on Kabaddi is not as simple as betting on football or cricket. The reason being, the sport, Kabaddi is practically invisible to the rest of the world. Hence, not all bookies have the sport as an option to bet on, unlike cricket or football. Only a few Indian websites have the option for you to bet on Kabaddi and your focus should be on those websites only. Since the sport is not yet so famous as football or cricket, the offers on betting are not as extensive as one may find in other sports. In Kabaddi, you have the option of standard betting such as betting on the outright winner. 

However, there is good news for individuals who are Indian or Bangladeshi Kabaddi fans. They can find betting exchanges offer which include having offers for Kabaddi. Once you find a good betting exchange, you have the option to choose from a variety of Kabaddi market, and the best part is, they are mostly restricted to the Pro Kabaddi League only. 

Placing the bet on Kabaddi 

The best part about online bookies is that you can place your bet on a variety of sports. If your favorite sport is Kabaddi and you follow the Pro Kabaddi League, then you can look for a bookmaker offering the option and then place your bet. But there is a downside. There are numerous markets, which at times can become very confusing, especially for any new beginner. 

Things are elementary if you are planning to bet on your favorite team or your favorite match in Pro Kabaddi. You just have the option to bet on the outcome of the match/series. No more betting options are available at the moment. You just need to pick a side and place a bet on their odds. If you feel that there might be a draw match, you can place a bet on the same. But, will it not be much more fun if you could place your bets on points scored by your favorite team before the first half or the number of fouls plays against your favorite team? The additional markets are surely much more lucrative than placing bets on the outright winner in the standard market. All we can do is wait for that to happen. 

How to withdraw your winnings? 

You placed your bet and the chosen team won the match. Now, its time to claim your earnings. How will you do that? Well, as soon as you start winning, you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account. 

Most of the online bookies have a banking page with terms and conditions for the collection of your winnings. In most cases, there is a minimum and a maximum withdrawal limit. In some cases, the bookies pay you out your winnings in installments, especially if your winning adds up to a considerable amount. Hence it is advisable to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly, to avoid any disappointment in the near future. If required, take your time and read every minute detail twice to understand every word of the terms and condition, and to have all the knowledge about their payout system. 

The payment method you used to deposit your amount is usually the method of withdrawal. But that does not mean that you cannot change your method of collecting your winnings. The different platform offers a different method of payments from the wallet, bank transfer to card withdrawal.